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{One Question with Mr. Sharp} Video on Using Picture Books in Middle & High School
{Books Between} Podcast on #classroombookaday
Picture Book Month 2016 Book Talks

#classroombookaday & the Power of Shared (Picture) Book Stories {Nerdy Book Club}
Community {Nerdy Book Club}
Permission Granted {Nerdy Book Club}
Teacher Tuesday {Kirby's Lane}
Reading Through My Book Gap: Maybe I Do Like Books with Animal Characters {Nerdy Book Club}

Top Ten Reasons We Love Authors w/Brian Wyzlic {Nerdy Book Club}
Our Top Ten Favorite Picture Book Friendships w/Kim McSorley {Nerdy Book Club}
Top Ten Author Signatures {Nerdy Book Club}

So You Want to Read YA {Stacked Books}
New Book Read Alike Recommendations {Nerdy Book Club}
Bloggers' Best of 2013 {Kait Rose Reads}

My Students' Top Ten Books They've Read So Far This Year {Nerdy Book Club}
Retro Student Reviews {Nerdy Book Club}

All American Boys Response w/Teresa Bunner {Nerdy Book Club}
Review of The Secret Sky by Atia Abawi {Nerdy Book Club}
Review of Exile by Kevin Emerson {Nerdy Book Club}
Review of When You Were Here by Daisy Whitney {Nerdy Book Club}

Choice Literacy contributions (subscription required to read complete texts)
Book Blurbs in the Middle School Classroom
Closing Out the Year with "Where I'm From"
Student-Created Text Sets
Getting Mentor Texts in Students' Hands
Blackout Poems and Paint-Chip Haiku: Two Fun Ways Into Poetry with Adolescents
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#bookaday Nuts & Bolts

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